28th Colloquium of African Geology (CAG28)

Dear colleagues,

The council of the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) decided to hold the 28th Colloquium of African Geology (CAG28) online due to concerns about health, travel conditions and the international context that make organizing the event physically risky.

GAC28 will be held over two or three days in July 2022. We will inform you of the final dates and program as soon as we have collected all the necessary information. Nevertheless, we can provide you with a basic summary that will help you to objectively place yourself.

The conference will be organized as follows:

– Plenary talks lasting 30 to 60 minutes including time for questions and discussion. They will be given live under the supervision of a panel of specialists;

– Session conferences. Each session will start with a 30-minute conference followed by a 15 minutes discussion.

– Several live sessions will be held simultaneously. Each session will be led by a session chair, a co-chair, and a coordinator. We will require participants to submit a recording of their oral presentation, which will be broadcast according to a predetermined schedule. Each recording should last 15 minutes. Each presenter will have 5 minutes for a live discussion. The speaker needs to be present in person and/or via live chat to answer questions.

– Each session will include a section dedicated to posters. The posters will be presented online and will be discussed under the same conditions.

You also will have the possibility to connect with other attendees.

The GSAf council has also agreed that attendance at the symposium will be free of charge.

Please complete the following form if you maintain, renew, or propose your participation in CAG28, which will enable us to create a new useful database. This form is due Before May 31st


Furthermore, during the CAG28, the GSAf General Assembly will be held to elect a new council. There will also be a discussion and selection of the institute that will host the next colloquium of African geology (CAG29).

GSAf members are the only ones legally allowed to vote during the general assembly. We, therefore, invite you to renew your membership or join the society by registering and paying the membership costs at: http://gsafr.org/registration/