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GhIG Education



The GHIG education endowment fund (GEEF) seeks to provide funding to a variety of educational initiatives to attract and support those studying within the minerals industry.

The purposes of the fund include the following:

  • Fund research projects that may benefit the minerals industry
  • Provide scholarships bursaries and other awards to tertiary students undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate study or research in relation to minerals relevant disciplines or courses
  • Fund and provide lectures to persons involved in the minerals industry and students undertaking study in disciplines relating to the minerals industry
  • Provide funding to universities for the purposes of running classes, seminars and other activities designed to promote the awareness of and interest in the minerals industry amongst secondary school students
  • Provide funding to universities for the purpose of providing endowed professorships.

Who We Are

An Institution of Geoscientists

GhIG is an institution for practicing and learning of geoscience members, To regulate their respective practices and to promote the welfare of its members, without prejudice and to protect public interest, natural resource and our environment.

Ghana, ORE Deposits Monograph

Know the facts, A geological Survey

Ghanaian Ore Deposits – The new GhIG monograph.
GhIG is pleased to announce a new publication project edition in monograph series relating to the Geology of Ghana Mineral Deposits. This completely new volume will be a snapshot of Ghana’s main deposits today.