The GhIG is committed to publishing high-quality written material that supports the professional development of Institute members and other minerals industry practitioners. A measure of our success in this area is ensuring that copyright and intellectual property held by the Institute and contributing authors is appropriately protected.

Below is a short list of frequently asked questions from contributors and those wishing to republish our content. For further information please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the GhIG ask authors to sign a copyright form?

The GhIG requests that authors who have had their papers accepted for publication sign a copyright form, thereby granting the GhIG permission to publish the paper in the said publication. Like any publisher, this is to ensure that the GhIG holds the distribution rights of the material it publishes and to protect its rights thereafter. The signing of the copyright form is an acknowledgement by the author/s that the paper does not contain information that infringes the rights of others.

Why does the GhIG hold the distribution rights of the material it publishes?

The GhIG, as a publisher of technical information, values maintaining the integrity of the material it presents to the research community. By holding the rights of the material, the GhIG can produce papers that have been edited and peer reviewed, ensuring the high standards of its publications to members and the broader academic community.

I wish to republish a paper I have written for the GhIG. Is this allowed?

In most cases the GhIG will grant permission for a paper published in our conference proceedings series to be republished elsewhere, with appropriate acknowledgement given to the GhIG as the original publisher. The request must be received from the author in writing via and should contain the following information:

  • title of the paper
  • author name/s
  • title of the publication where the paper first appeared
  • title of the publication in which the paper is to be republished
  • name of the publisher for the publication in which the paper is to be republished
  • whether the paper is to republished in its original form or if changes are to be made.

Please note that permission is not normally given for the republication of content (full papers or chapters) contained in our Monograph and Spectrum series publications, but requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

I want to use content published in a GhIG publication but I am not the author. Is this allowed?

Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and a suitable royalty fee may be applicable for substantial amounts of material. Requests should be made in writing to and include the following information:

  • details of the content to be used (eg author name/s, title of the paper, figure number/s, page numbers and the title of the publication in which the content first appeared)
  • title of the publication in which the content is to be republished
  • name of the publisher for the publication in which the content is to be republished
  • whether the content is to republished in its original form or if changes are to be made
  • anticipated format (hard copy or electronic)
  • expected distribution (number of copies to be printed/distributed)
  • date of publication.

I have written a paper for a GhIG publication but my employer owns the content, not me. How can I sign the copyright form?

Please contact It is possible that an amended version of the copyright form can be prepared to address this concern.

Can I put my published paper on my website?

Yes, you may publish your own version of the paper, but not the final desktop-published version prepared by the GhIG. The GhIG reserves the exclusive website publication right of papers it publishes in their final form. You are not required to seek permission before loading your own version of your paper onto your website; however, we would appreciate this only being done after the content is published by us. Please note this permission does not extend to chapters from our Monograph and Spectrum series publications.

Preparing Your Paper

It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that any content (including text and images) included in their paper from other sources is properly acknowledged and that, where required, permission has been granted from the copyright owner for the content to be republished.

If your paper has previously been published and you wish to submit it to the GhIG to be reproduced in another publication you must advise us that the content has been published elsewhere, even if the content has been amended or updated. This should occur when submitting your abstract for a conference volume, or upon first contact with the Publications Coordinator for a technical publication.

The Ghanaian Copyright Council is an excellent resource for copyright queries. Should you require additional information to ensure you have complied with Ghanaian copyright law, there are many fact sheets. We recommend the following fact sheets as essential reading for authors:

  • Permission: how to get it
  • Quotes and extracts
  • Fair dealing: what can I use without permission?