Chartered professional review discussion paper released

The Board of Chartered Professionals released a discussion paper earlier this year, and received a number of comments from interested members. The Board thanks everyone who made a submission.

Submissions on the review discussion paper have now closed.


The GhIG Chartered Professional (CP) Program provides recognition of professional status by assessing competency and ensuring it is maintained via professional development (PD) activities.

The current Chartered Professional scheme was established 2016. The GhIG Board of Chartered Professionals leads the program’s development and administration. The current Board of Chartered Professionals is made up of Chartered Professional members of the GhIG who are elected to the Board. As well as being responsible for leading the program, Board members also assess new applications and conduct audits to ensure currently accredited Chartered Professionals are maintaining their continuing professional development obligations.

The Chartered Professional program has grown rapidly in recent years, and that growth is expected to continue. As a result of this growth, the current governance and delivery arrangements for the program have faced considerable pressures. These pressures have led to a decision to review the current Chartered Professional program to ensure that it continues to be a strong and robust program that is valued by GhIG members and the wider minerals industry.


All interested persons were invited to review and comment on the discussion paper released in July 2015. The opportunity to make submissions has now closed. The Board of Chartered Professionals is considering the submissions received, and will advise of the next steps as soon as possible. Queries can be directed to: or